10,000 Hours

10,000 Hours

"Our focus is ophthalmology. Globally, we work around the clock to achieve our goals – second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour – because we know that our consistent commitment is key.

We also understand that while time is precious, it’s really the impact of our efforts that matter. And, we’re not alone in striving to help people with ophthalmological conditions lead happy, healthy lives.

That’s why we’re sharing our time – our seconds, minutes and hours – to lend our hands, to make a connection and to collaborate with the community and help bring our clear vision for life 10,000 hours closer."

Luis Iglesias, Head of Santen EMEA and Corporate Officer

Introduction to the 10,000 Hours initiative

The 10,000 Hours initiative, launched in July 2018, aims to showcase our commitment to the ophthalmology community. Through this project, we support people to better manage their eye health, focus on the unmet needs of the patients that we serve and work with patient advocacy groups to this end.

Santen hopes to use the 10,000 Hours initiative to:

  • Maintain our unwavering commitment to the ophthalmology community
  • Build new and strengthen existing relationships with non-government organisations (NGOs) and advocacy groups in eye health
  • Demonstrate that we are a trusted and expert partner for the eye care community

How does the 10,000 Hours initiative work?

Santen has created the initiative to truly live and breathe our value of ‘patient focus’ beyond our daily roles and jobs. Initiatives under the 10,000 Hours banner are coordinated locally, with each country having the opportunity to respond to local patient need and contribute to patient empowerment.

Czech Republic

Organised an excursion for the local blind community


Helping the blind with a marathon run


Helping at a sports day for the blind


  • Arts and crafts and put on a panto
  • Help to renovate and paint a school for blind children
  • Arts and crafts workshop. Field based staff made present for the children


Studying the needs of blind people; preparation of reimbursement submission of glycometer & strips designed for the blind people


Organised an excursion for local blind community


Visited a museum for the blind


Collecting glasses for Opticians without Borders


School for Blind - helping with gardening, renovations etc.


Playing chess at blind institute


Renovating and helping at a blind school


Cleaning out guidedog kennels and helping out


Helped out at an open day for the blind


Sponsored a walk in Malvern Hills to raise funds for One Dollar Glasses


Renovation of blind school


Organised an excursion for local blind community